David Avramov - Head of department – mystery shopper auditing
Provides a solution for service providers who require information about the level of service that their business provides, their employee reliability and professionalism, gaps in the existing control system, and more The benefit to a business using this service is first and foremost the understanding of why clients are dissatisfied and not returning.
The latter trend translates into higher expenditure for advertising and recruiting of new clients instead of retaining old ones at a lower cost.
There is no doubt that any business wants preempt the departure of clients, and therefore the findings of the audit and the recommendations will assist in this matter
The employee’s awareness of the existence of a mystery shopper audit process, and the fact that it may appear without warning and cannot be identified, causes workers to maintain a high level of service in order not to fail the test when it does arrive
The outcome of an audit:
Improving work processes, knowledge and employee awareness, and engaging everyone in the success of the business.
​This is reflected in the findings determined by the measurement tools specified in the report
The report's recommendations relate, inter alia, to areas such as:
activity required to increase business efficiency, and subjects that require training of respective teams Techniques for performing mystery shopper audit:
Telephone audit, face to face audit, website purchase audit, observation audit.
​These are subject to professional principles as is customary in internal and external auditing, using objectivity and confidentiality
Obtaining customer requirements, setting goals and activity objectives, preparing the audit questionnaire in collaboration with the authorized entity on behalf of client. (The questionnaire recommended by ourselves is based on a point system, nevertheless we are happy to create a yes/no or open ended type questionnaire), training of auditing employees for the particular audit project
​Conducting the audit itself, formulating an audit report and submitting it to the client for review, and if necessary, holding an additional meeting We authorize our clients to publish their audit reports on the company's website

Our services
​Internal, financial, operational and information systems auditing Collaboration with experienced and trained professionals, such as accounting firms Market leaders and more Risk surveys SOX audits Investigative audits Internal auditing for private and public companies Internal auditing of government ministries and statutory bodies Internal auditing for trusts, non-profit organizations and public welfare companies Assistance in the preparation and implementation of procedures In-depth review of supported organizations Performing quality control on internal auditing system - QAR Information security, risk surveys and cyber attacks Collaboration with leading professionals with experience and training, and more

Investigative auditing – collaboration with leading market players

David Avramov,
leading consultant at Chief Internal Auditors,
lectures audit teams on constructive audits and cost reduction Auditing without compromising professionalism
Advising CEOs on how to cooperate and take advantage of an internal audit in their organization How to act vis-à-vis the Board of Directors audit committee and how to deepen the cooperation of the organization's employees with the auditing bodies in order to cut costs and streamline work processes efficiency Hillel Ries Head of Industry and Management – Consults companies/factories - savings and efficiency on the production floor and offices
David Avramov - Head of community benefaction sector
​We see it as our duty to do everything possible for the community as part of our social commitment, for example employing mentally challenged people, the disabled, and the visually impaired - in the area of undercover client auditing (mystery shopper) David Abramov also runs a clowning performance gig in hospitals

Arik Edelman,
​head of project auditing and guides projects that have internal audits BA in Finance, Marketing, Accountancy from the College of Management and an MBA in Business Administration from Tel Aviv University, PhD in Business Administration from the University of Walden, USA Development
Specialist - Office: Access, Excel, Word, SQL for financial entities such as banks, insurance companies, and investment houses Higher education lecturer on information systems, technologies, database management and Big Data management Constructs smart systems tailored to the users and the needs of organizations The systems are suitable for organizations with information systems including mainframe computers, central computers and external systems.
They are adapted to large organizations such as banks, insurance companies, credit card companies and investment houses, as well as small organizations like accounting firms System scope: Closed systems for retrieval of data directly from the organization's information systems, while processing relevant information in Excel systems and automatically relaying the data produced in the form of arbitrage calculations and Maof options, to the mainframe Systems for receiving financial statement data, databases for smart info retrieval, including controls, and exclusions analysis Generate exclusion report automatically sent to printers or via email Construction of various analysis tools, interfaces between different systems for transmission and data reception Applications for generating financial reports in various layouts
Compliance with the requirements of the Bank of Israel and the Ministry of Finance Risk management systems Simulators, Calculators System advantages:
​The systems are tailored to the personal needs of the organization Reduction in manpower and resources Flexibility for end user and quick add-ons Work environment - Excel in all its versions and database tools available in the organization Accessible reports, clear and simple to operate A closed system that enables control and supervision of the data Adapted to SOX Accounting and Taxation – collaboration with leading market players Areas of consultation and treatment vis-a-vis VAT authorities, income tax and money laundering Collaboration with leading law firms in the market Implementation of controls on the client level to prevent unintentional offences

David Avramov lecturer Lectures:
Marketing the Internal Audit
​How to deal with internal, external, control and supervision auditing officials

Mission Statement
Expand the definition of audit from ‘audit’ to ‘constructive professional critique’, and contribute to an increase in the level of cooperation by those audited In our experience, this reduces the cost of audits, shortens the timespan of the auditing process and the time it takes to process and correct deficiencies and implement recommendations
Our solution:
The outsourcing of a service providing this approach
We believe that every organization should have an internal auditor leading the auditing activity in the organization However, the effectiveness of an audit and the reduction in its cost can be achieved by the wise use of a subordinate workforce in addition to the use of an outsourced service
We like to put our money where our mouth is, making sure we collaborate with other relevant professionals in order to provide our client with an excellent service
​We advocate full transparency of costing and so the client can see a breakdown of hours spent in the field, quality control, and in management, and some additional expenses like mileage and sustenance Ambiguity on the above, which is common amongst consultants in the marketplace, undermines their credibility, despite submitting similar costings

Anda Barak – Chief consultant for trusts and nonprofit organizations

David Avramov serves as owner and CEO of the company (Auditor and analyst of computerized information systems)

- has extensive experience in internal auditing DAVID-AVRAMOV.COM C.S.A Social Sciences 'Certified Information Systems Auditor' B.A
Certified Systems Analyst Employment experience:
An operational, financial, and information systems auditor at Bank Discount
- managerial CEO of a network of dental imaging x-ray clinics Development and initiation of a training center for medical graduates providing medical preparation courses for Israel and the United States
Internal Auditor Tel Aviv District at the Israeli Land Registry Senior consultant information system security and auditing at Comsec Deputy
Internal Auditor of Africa Israel Group
Assistant to the Internal Auditor of the Industrial Development Bank
The establishment of an Internet venture sponsored by American investors, but which was not implemented in the wake of the global internet bubble Computer
Information Systems Auditor at the First International Bank
Advisory Service for the management and running of community non-profit organizations
Founder and chairman of the Kamocha movement - KAMOCHA.ORG, an apolitical voluntary
Social movement whose volunteers serve Israeli communities in need
GIVE4U.ORG -  Founder of a global social network contributing to mankind, community, nature and the environment Voluntary work
- Internet and computer training,
​multidisciplinary mentoring Computer training for 2 elderly women Life coaching for 15 mentally challenged families, and the creation of a clothes donation collection point for those in need, in his home

David Avramov is head of an innovative field for the transformation of organizational culture, enabling organizations to increase profits
We guide a process based on cooperation between the CEO and the employees committee The employees are asked to be partners in the expansion of the organization's profits by participating in efficiency and risk disclosure proposals and highlighting breaches in work processes and procedures The employees are remunerated during the year for any optimization proposals that were implemented, and at the end of the year bonuses are awarded based on the increase in profits attributed to their activity
This kind of cooperation strengthens the organization's control systems and the management's control. The working relations with the employees who tend to view the business as their second home, leads to a rise in the organization's economic well-being and success.
​The audit is updated regarding any detected vulnerabilities and proposed optimization suggestions The increased cooperation will, of course, help to reduce the auditing resources allocated to the company’s work plan and will increase the buoyancy of the multi-year work plan based on new findings being fed in from the field Guidelines for providing our services:
ebook – Marketing the Outcome of an Audit - Tools and Techniques
ebook – Constructive Criticism and Reduction in the Cost Of an Audit Professional Standards