The audit is based on laws, professional standards, the organization's policy and procedures, and is carried out by professional operatives Below are some of the services we offer: 
External auditing 
Financial auditing 
Operational auditing
Auditing of informational systems 
Investigative auditing, 
survey of risks Consultation for internal and external auditors 
Advising company management regarding proper conduct when dealing with supervisory and auditing bodies 
Advantages of cooperation Our business relies on collaboration with various leading entities in the auditing arena 
This type of collaboration makes it possible for us to offer a proper solution to any of our customer’s 
outsourcing auditing needs It saves the company any additional recruitment expenses 
The collaboration gives a few small entities a stronger competitive presence in the marketplace by banding them together into a large body 
Something that would not normally be possible when faced with a large corporate presence 
​This type of collaboration provides an enhanced level of expertise and an articulated expression in the market and the landing of work contracts accordingly It enables responding to tenders, together with other entities, each of which receives a share in the tender, thus the overall winner is the client Constructive critique and benevolent advice Our mission is to provide outsourcing services to all areas of auditing